at the beginning there was a sound
in the deepest place of my heart

beholding first — a little thirst i expound
as i yearn wholly to be churned in parts

inner worms sing like choirs in holy psalms
heavy warm-breezes saturates my palms

my lungs made burden’d in calms
a process pertains one to be in halfs

while i wait for that change in despair
a stomach rumbles with a vivid stir

shattered side by side and below
flattered in yonder with a taste to go

scorned by time with a twist of joints
a little metamorphosis to trigger;
                                           — in my loins

atlas i’m made anew in a whole view

Written for The Second Voyage of the Mind “Poetry Day” competition with the prompt, Metamorphosis. See details to contest and guidelines for submission.

Hope you do enjoy this read!

For The First Voyage of the Mind “Poetry Day,” I took the first runner-up for the completion. See details below!

Check out on the grand winner and how it went down.

11 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

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    1. thank you, Laura! it’s always been my pleasure to partake in this your competition. i love and cherish the opportunity & refuse to take it too light.

      i’m honoured!

      my heart goes out to you♥️🥂

      Liked by 1 person

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