In this Season

In this season;
My praise reaches her sobber in a twinkling manner
I’ve robbed myself of this clutter; prevailing efforts, yet this memories makes sadder
Your flames are golden; makes looks like a hunter
Happy; the one who’s weary and seeks a comforter

In this season;
I’ve found my rest in a lasting summer
My beads twists and remain larger like a knot
Garden leafs wither; they’re flying into the pots
Calling forth summer, a sweet-mistake

In this season;
This stone revolv’s, winter transitions into spring and back to summer
Singing slowly into thin wind; “carry me home”
Lucky; stones whose “carry-me-home” cry is heard
They’ll elate into a solemn spring and will be not

In this season;
I made a promise with autumn
Gravity has pulled my remorse from memories down through to the foot
I lay heavy and thirsty like this Baobab leaf and its root
Waiting at winter, a fulfill’d promise with autumn

In this season;
My sweet; my relieving relish; the honey, the bees
I hear their sound resonate in my elbows
They’ve felt the anguish of the lasting yeartide in their combs
Winter harsh has render’d stings obsolete
A mystery, one epiphanous to relate
In this season, ev’ryone deserves a winter on this  day

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