On a Foggy Day

Boy, I say I dey take a few walk for the street oo, so I carry my cap wey I set off. The weather appeared clear, yet deceiving. Currently, the clouds turning foggy but the winds noticed like harmattan winds with bits of “Ayelɔ” tastes. I strolled few miles away from home when it begun raining…huh! Whose house am I getting to stop by till it stops, will I be beaten just like the fellow who was found a thief (approximately a week ago) in a woman’s house. He was beaten heartlessly; since the old lady called out the usual statement, “thief, thief”. All of a sudden, boys-boys and girls-girls run into the house and it turns a terrible scene. He was beaten cruelly. Much thanks to Saeed who appeared graciously at the scene and told them that the man was there to get a few herbs for his son, Mule. In case not for Saeed’s mediation, that he had showed up, Papa Sune would’ve passed on.

Am I getting to end up like him? Am I aiming to be beaten up similar to Papa Sune was? As I stood thinking (my shots were already filled up with water, goodness my kicks are damp as well) all of a sudden, the downpours came to a stop abruptly…wow (ponders). And so “Abrante pa” I proceeded to hustle my hustling-hustle that I was hustling. 30minutes gone (and why would I indeed be observing my time? As though I had an imperative date to go on). I strolled few minutes ahead and saw a dark polyethene sack. Guess what, the side of the elastic had shown which uncovered the 50 number on a fifty cedi note. Boy as I see the thing na I begin dey make shi for the street top. Okay so now how I go wey the thing go? Menners san dey pass the road top (it appears active on this street today). Na where my luck go dey.
Since no one has seen this thing, boy I get deɛ pɛkyɛ oo. So, I said adey hold up a little so say menners lef the street betters a, den a go wey the cash quick. Oh, so you figa say e bi 50gh pɛ fight for? The thing be some big polythene so I believe say the monies bunch. Now e check like everything come dey my top, charley I conf sef. Herh, so who ein pikin make sluggish pass wey ein cash drop for here nu, this deɛ, I sure say e go be woman pɛɛ. I’ve been standing here for 2hrs and all the time somebody dey pass by. As menners too dey pass, I no see say anybro dey stop by just like the way I stand here dey do. So at least hope dey. I stood there and like the Fulani men do when they are in for grasses for their bovines, so as to keep absent doubts from people who pass by.
Soon, it appeared everyone seized to pass by the street once more. Herh, it was as if the route never existed some time recently. Wow fair what I was seeking out, I thank God for giving me the breakthrough finally. e check like Baba God Himself ein mind dey dis thing inside. Now it’s time for me to make a move. As I moved gradually and I looked vividly around to be sure no one was watching, there was no one. So, as I get vim dey go take the cash san na some other 4 guys too see the thing. So as I go closer dey go take the money I no see say the other 4 folks as well dey come… two from behind me, one from the bush at my cleared out side and the other one deɛ, like e get juju, sekof the way e come kech where the cash dey at once nu e over me. Aswer! So, we all go clash for the money top wey wanna hands hit the money. Herh! come see… some fresh shit wey somebody toss put for the street top wey we dey here dey battle for top nu. I do small calculations for my head inside, wey I see say e be new shit, wey I figure out say e be the time the rain dey drop nu, that point naa den the person toss the shit. Na what dey torment me be say as we all dey go clash for the thing top, wanna hands hit the thing so the shit sprinkle and spread for wanna face, as adey talk, my mouth inside all make shit la.😅 Fortunately, no one was on the street so ebe like somebro dey on a more secure side.

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  1. This was so so beautifully written, gave me the tingles all through… real lit too. Benyin, I think you starred some of my work a long time ago and I clicked your name to find your blog in return, but it led to a defunct site (aswrittenbybenyin.wordpress.com); I now found this blog (aswrittenbybenyin.home.blog) and recognized it by your same gravatar image, via Lucy’s blog (I think it was?) the other day. happy happy you were posted there; maybe you need to fix your gravatar blog link I’m not sure so more people find your, anyways wow to your writing, yeah the way it’s writ. 🤩🎉💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lia, thanks so much for your beautiful comments. Really love and enjoy them especially coming from you.
      As for aswrittenbybenyin.wordpress.com, it’s an old site. I think linking that with my gravatar is supposed to be an anomaly. I’ll check and fix that immediately. And thanks Lia for the prompt.
      Heavily appreciated ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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